About Barbie Diva:

Treneice "Barbie Diva" Whitehead, is a born leader ready to show the world her many talents through fashion, passion, and drive.  This young, plus size model/makeup artist, born and raised in the DC Metropolitan Area, has accomplished plenty so far and plans to do much more for herself as well as her community.  With beyond 7yrs of experience with modeling and makeup artistry, Treneice has met many local and national "stars" in the fashion industry by working along side with models, photographers, makeup artists, designers, stylists, etc. 

In 2005, Treneice co-founded a support group, P.L.U.M.P. Productions (Pretty Ladies Uniquely Made Perfect) for young adult  plus size women suffering from low self-esteem.  The group offered workshops, online communications, activities, mentorships, one on one support, etc.  for young women in need.  Treneice was later featured in the February 2007 issue of Cosmo Girl Magazine telling her story about growing up as a plus size women and coping with negative slurs from peers as well as the creation of P.L.U.M.P. Productions.  From there, she has reached out to young plus size women all over America as well as in places such as the islands and even Austrailia.  She knew this was only the beginning of where God was planning to take her.
X'Change Modeling/X'Change Maryland:

After the feature in Cosmo Girl Magazine, Treneice was recruited, as the State Leader for the Maryland/DC area, to a well known Plus Size Modeling Organization, Maverick which is now known as X'Change Modeling. Under the leadership of Myisha Hill, X'Change Modeling has grown currently in about six states across the U.S. 

X'Change Modeling is a social empowerment and fashion organization with a global ambition to change the world's perception of the plus size woman in modeling, media, and by making a difference in the community. X'Change models are individuals taking a stance from their associates, by encouraging positive body image, character, competence, and charisma for the plus size woman.

X'Change is currently promoting X'Change YOU focusing more on SELF and not just the modeling aspect!

Look out for more to come from X'Change.  They strongly suggest the curvy women to participate in Full Figure Fashion Week held in New York annually as well as the Curvy Revolution Convention coming and The Plus Academy coming to a city/town near you!

Learn more about X'Change at www.xchangeyou.org
"Plus Size Barbie Named Diva"
Cande Paintz Artistry :

Cande Paintz Artistry was a vision brought to life. "Transforming the norm into a new dimension".  With the help of her bestfriend and business partners Ericka (The LASH Queen) and Kiki (The Dream Weaver), Cande Paintz Artistry was created to display their skillz to the world.  Being that their makeup and styling skills display bright and unique blends of color, they came up with the name CandePaintz Artistry collectively.

The CandePaintz Artistry Staff specializes in weddings, proms, photo shoots, birthday celebrations, makeup parties, graduations, fashion shows, makeovers, one-on-one sessions, etc. With over 7yrs of experience in makeup artistry and design, they have worked with many local models, photographers, artists, television personalities, designers, stylists, etc.

Newly added, Cande Paintz Artistry introduces Cande Paint'D Couture "The HAUTE" Collection.  Ericka and Kiki collectively bring their edgy and creative ways to bring diversity to your wardrobe CANDE PAINTZ STYLE!!!

Cande Paintz has been crowned 2nd place winners of the 2010 Paint Me Pretty Competition in May!

They are here to add color, diversity, and uniqueness to your everyday look!

candepaintzartistry@gmail.com for more info
Future Plans and Goals:

Becoming a plus size model has opened a lot of doors for Treneice as well as her unique skills with the makeup brush.. Such as winning the 2008 DMV Total Beauty Contest with RI Media, hosting various fashion shows, judging at the Miss Curvy Teen 2010 in DC, as well as holding various workshops for young women looking to better themselves... She is your typical business woman...She is always serious about the work she does and whatever she involve herself with... She is one to help others as she has found her purpose in life to do so... Treneice plans to finish with her degree in Education as well as get a degree in Business Management/ Entrepreneurship.

Living by the motto,  "Get Rich or Die Trying"....Treneice has been sticking by her word and doing what she could to become famous one day...She always says she won't stop until she has reached her goal.  Treneice now provides opportunities for aspiring models as herself to grow in the business by providing them with discounted photo shoots with her Company, Cande Paintz Artistry and supplying Starter Kits with everything needed to join a modeling agency or organization. 

Day to Day Motto:
"I just wanna be successful"-- Trey Songz